Questions & Answers

Where is Cahoots?

A secret old bean! Rumours say it is in
the disused Kingly Court Underground Station.
Take a gander at the old underground map below
…it might help!


When is Cahoots open?

What is your age policy?

Despite many young train enthusiasts,
we operate a strictly over 21 years old policy.

Does Cahoots serve food?

Sandwiches and snacks, whatever we can get when all
the Scoundrels club together their ration books!

What is the maximum booking size?

We’re an intimate little venue… so only parties up to 8 people
– anymore and there won’t be any gaps to mind!

How long can I have a table for?

The standard booking time is 2 hours (half hour extra for groups of 5-8), just let us know if you’d like it for less time. All aboard!

What is the music policy?

Jazz, swing and lindyhop with some rock’n’roll and electro-swing later in the night. Friday – Sunday from 10pm onwards, Cahoots hosts some mischievous live entertainment, including piano sing-a-longs, live music and masters of discs spinning their vintage records (from inside a slyly converted piano of course!).

Find out What’s Swinging!

Is there dancing?

It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing! Later on in the evening Thursday – Saturdays, scoundrels have been known to jump out of their seats and let their feet do the talking.

What should I wear?

Dress sharp, go for glamour, 40s vintage encouraged.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Whether a Christmas, Birthday or wedding gift, a voucher or experience from Cahoots will be right on the pea shooter (the hooter… the nose!). These can be purchased online here at