May Menu with Gin Sul

Wednesday 1st May 2019 - 5:00pm

-Friday 31st May 11:30pm

May Menu with Gin Sul

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Saudade is a Portuguese word that conveys a mixture of melancholy, nostalgia and wanderlust. Returning to Hamburg from Portugal, where he worked as a carpenter, Gin Sul’s Head Scoundrel was filled with saudade and decided to make a spirit that would epitomise this feeling. He went about combining the finest herbs and botanicals of the Portuguese coast with the waters and craftsmanship of his hometown.

This month we combine his ode to saudade with the High Spirits of Cahoots to present three scrumptious cocktails to sip at the Station, 'Aboard the Sul train', 'Scoundrel Spice and Sul' and 'A Gin-stant Success' – chin chin!


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