Join in the festive merrymaking at Cahoots this Christmas, where our scoundrels will be serving spiffing tipples and scrumptious Christmas rations. Venture down to the station for illicit drinking and dazzling late-night escapades on the platform or in the underground train carriage. Bottoms up, folks!

Every Saturday from 1pm!

All our scoundrels at the station have pooled together their ration books to gather some snacks for a marvellous Squiffy Picnic every Saturday afternoon! Get into the Christmas spirit with your pals by tucking into a tip-top hamper brimming with your favourite sarnies and picnic treats.

Every Sunday from 2pm!

The Captain is bringing high spirits, scoundrels and swing to the traditional British pastime of tea and cake! Escape the humdrum of post-war Britain and head underground to discover Cocktail Cuppas & Cakes every Sunday afternoon. But don’t expect your ordinary cup of Rosie Lee… That’s right, folks! Sip on spiffing black market liquor served in teacups, while you munch on tip-top sweet treats and revel in live swinging entertainment.

Prefer to get on the dog and bone? We'd love to rabbit and pork 020 7352 6200

Party like it’s 1946 at the underground station of Cahoots, where spirits are high and drinks never run dry! Hire the full venue or the underground train carriage for an absolutely smashing Christmas party, giving you and your pals the chance to exclusively experience the Blitz spirit of the 1940’s.


Join The Scoundrels Stay abreast of the goings underground Soho

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