Christmas 2015

Here is a taste of how we celebrated in 2015…

Deck the halls fellow scoundrels! Cahoots is saying ‘no to rationing’ this Yuletide, and scoffing at the pesky Ministry of Food’s advice to keep things low key…

‘Tis the season’ and all that eh what? And one thing we Cahoovians know how to do is keep calm and carry on! So join us as we keep our British Christmas traditions alive with gusto – paper chains, strings of cards, candlelight, Christmas trees, nutcrackers, paper hats, mince pies and mirth.

Christmas at Cahoots

With 1940s festive live entertainment (to ‘rally the troops’ eh old beans?), and a soundtrack of Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Glen Miller, Judy Garland and other such high spirited modern music makers, Cahoots will keep things merry seven nights a week from 5pm till 3am throughout the Yuletide epoch (Sunday’s till midnight).

Save a snifter for Father Christmas who you may spot delivering (only once used!) stockings and air-raid shelter friendly gifts. And our scoundrels have trawled the black market for some special ‘Off the Ration’ drinkables and foodstuffs, to help us really party like it’s 1946!
Just do try to keep it under your hat, eh? That’s the ticket.